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If needed, 2nd dose reduction of copegus is by an additional 200 mg day.

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Serious adverse events include neuropsychiatric disorderssuicidal ideation and suicide attemptserious and severe bacterial infectionsbone marrow toxicitycytopenia and rarelyaplastic anemiacardiovascular disordershypertensionarrhythmias and myocardial infarctionhypersensitivityincluding anaphylaxisendocrine disordersincluding thyroid disorders and diabetes mellitusautoimmune disordersincluding psoriasis and lupuspulmonary disordersdyspneapneumoniabrochiolitis obliteransinterstitial pneumonitis and sarcoidosiscolitisulcerative and hemorrhagic/ischemiccolitispancreatitisand opthalmologic disordersdecrease or loss of visionretinopathy including macular edema and retinal thrombosis/hemorrhagesoptic neuritis and papilledema

Ribavirin is not effective when used alone to treat hepatitis CIt must be used together with an interferon alfa productsuch as Peg-Intron or Intron Ato treat chronic hepatitis C.

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stop using copegus 200 mg oral tablet and call your doctor at once if you have a serious side effect such as .

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